Friday, November 18, 2005

Catholic Religious Medals Gifts More

Catholic Religious Medals Gifts More: "Save 25% - Police Officers EMT's St. Michael Medal
Normal retail price $28.50 - Beautifully detailed 925 Sterling Silver Saint Michael Medal. Manufactured in the USA by Bliss Manufacturing. Beautiful gray velvet hinged gift giving box and complete with 24' inch curb stainless steel endless chain. Approximately 7/8' diameter (quarter coin size). Beautiful raised detail. St. Michael is the Patron Saint of police officers and emergency medical technicians (EMT'S). On the front side of medal it says 'Saint Michael Pray For Me'. Reverse side of medal has our Guardian Angel guiding a child across a dangerous bridge. In raised detail it says My Guardian Angel Be My Guide'. Click on title link or medal to view a larger picture of this beautifully packaged medal. Select and buy several items. Low shipping cost. [1 in stock]
PRICE: $21.37 "

Thursday, November 17, 2005

St. Michael Medals 25% Off

St. Michael Medals 25% Off: "Today you can find beautiful Catholic Medals and Gifts on sale at

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